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02/11/2017 8:44am

I'm glad that our Lord is really finding ways to reach every person in different parts of the world. I'm amazed that Christianity is widespread and existing to a country like China. I see that they are so easy to teach because they are so disciplined. I'm thankful for those missionaries who continuously acknowledging everyone about our Savior Christ. I salute them, may God continue to bless them.

02/20/2017 6:57pm

Brand new churches have a knack of radiating truth and love, It's the kind love that families want. It just drips and oozes encouragement for every visitor. It will help you maintain a level of awareness that concerns with spiritual things that's going on around you. If you think about it from God's point of view. He made sure that all churches help his followers grow and the Holy Spirit is the one who can enlighten the hearts and mind of the believers. So make it a habit of spending time at least once a week in lovely church.


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