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01/22/2017 5:51pm

1) Can the main blogs be re-arranged so that they are not in a top-down order, but horizontal grouping instead ?
So that you can see all blog groups on the first page, all groups on one page.

For example:

Mandarin English Youth Cantonese

Service Request Comments

2) Instead of using the full-size CBCGL mission picture on the main blog page (or other sub pages), can a smaller, lower-resolution picture be used ? I think this will allow the page to load faster for mobile devices. It also makes more room for the list of blogs on the first main page.

01/23/2017 11:04am

Thanks for your comments. The prototype is meant to have something for us to touch&feel in order to discuss what we like to have in our new site so we're 21st century ready. :)

On comment #1:
Right now, we're using the free trial version of the website builder tool which limit us to publish 6 pages. Once the 6 pages limitation is removed, then we could create/group Blog pages based on functionality/congregation as you suggested.

On Comment #2:
I've removed the picture in Blog page to speed up loading on mobile device. It should load faster now.

01/30/2017 6:11am

Suggestions on our website.

1. 粵語堂首頁內容,�加對新朋友或查詢者的歡迎,並供應一弟兄和一姊妹的聯絡資料,如電郵,電話號碼之類,以幚助接觸。據以往的經驗,個人的接觸,最為有效。

2. 設一個專為粵語堂在本地 外展/外宣 事奉的網頁,圖文並茂,按時更新。鼓勵會衆本地外展/外宣 的熱心,亦為新朋友認識粵語堂的幫助。


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