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02/03/2017 7:44am

The recent turmoil created by the new President's immigration ban is targeted toward people from 7 countries: Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Syria. As an immigrant myself, I am obviously concern about immigration bans. I looked up some data on nationalities of people who committed terrorist attacks in the US or were arrested for crimes related to plotting attacks on or after Sept. 11, 2001. According to the nonpartisan New America Foundation's records on terror related plots and charges analyzed by the Wall Street Journal, about 85% of all suspects who took steps toward terrorist related violence inside the US since the 911 attacks were US citizens or legal residents, and about 1/2 were born US citizens. The 19 men involved in the 911 attacks were from Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. Of 180 people charged with jihadist terrorism related crimes or who died before being charged, 11 were from the banned 7 countries. None of these 11 were involved in any major US plots resulting in deaths of Americans, including the 911 attacks.

It is clear that our biggest threat is home grown, made in America with ideas coming from the Middle East. The notion that an immigration ban from some less threatening Islamic countries can protect Americans seems not to be well grounded. What has happened, though, is further divisiveness within the nation, and a deepening cleft between Islam and Judeo-Christianity. May God have mercy on mankind.

02/03/2017 7:54am

Agreed. Indeed, we need to pray God to give wisdom to world leaders to bring peace on earth.

02/03/2017 1:02pm

Found this article "Building Bridges for the Gospel" by John A. Studebaker; very timely for our time.


Praise the Lord God for his great acts and for all the blessing he poured upon our lives. He's the greatest man that ever lived on this Earth and I will forever praise him for his generosity and kind heart. He died for our sins. He offered his life for the greater good and I praise Him more because of that. He's selfless and he undoubtedly loved us without thinking of Himself solely. He's all we ever need in our lives and with Him our dreams are already fulfilled because he has already planned a bountiful life for us.

02/06/2017 7:36am

What a game - Super Bowl LI!

Last night, we have great joy to have fellowship time together with Brothers/Sisters/& friends to witness a historical moment in the history of sports.

The game teaches us we need to continue to have Faith in our Belief... especially during difficult time.

I would like to share a quote by one of former NFL players, Ty Howard.

"Tough Times Never Come At The Right Time. Yet, the faith-filled and mentally tough preservers to stand up strong once again."

Looking forward to 2018 Super Bowl LII with Tom Brady and Patriots in it. :)


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